About me

I am a graphic artist and web designer broadly interested in abstract representations of the social world. Originally from Argentina, I earned a Master’s degree in sociology from Virginia Tech (2011) and helped expand a small research center at Cornell University before pursuing a full-time career as a freelance designer, specializing in professional web design for social scientists, academic institutions, and industry. In 2020, I developed the website for Youth Remote Learning, which provided free access to hundreds of courses for thousands of students in the opening months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I specialize in visual identities, branding, marketing, communications, editorial design, graphic design, web design, and video production. All of my work involves use of the creative arts partnered with rigorous social research to inform communications and marketing strategies. My skills are versatile and help my clients’ visions come to life while effectively informing and engaging their audiences and strengthening relationships with their consumers.

Se habla espaƱol.